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Q. How can I protect my pipes for the winter?

A. To prevent freezing of the pipes leading to your outside faucets, shut off the water valve that leads to them and unplug any connected hoses so that the faucet can drain. Follow these steps during the fall before winter arrives.

Q. How often should I have my septic tank inspected?

A. When properly maintained, we recommend that you have your septic tanks inspected every three or four years. If your septic tanks are not well maintained, you may need to have them inspected sooner.

Q. My garbage disposal has a terrible odor; what can I do to fix it?

A. The smell is due to food debris getting stuck inside it. To correct the problem, place ice cubes along with orange or lemon peels into the disposal and run it. This should help dislodge the stuck food debris. Next, run water and dish soap in the disposal for about 30 seconds. The disposal will aggregate the soap and help clean it. Then, run cold water into the running disposal for another 30 seconds to rinse it. Follow these steps regularly to clean your disposal.

Q. What plumbing step can I take to conserve water and energy?

A.Replace older, high-water-usage toilets and faucets with new low-flow, water-saving fixtures.

Q. What plumbing step can I take to conserve water and energy?

A. Save energy by making sure the temperature on your water heater is below 120°F.

Q. What is something that I can to prevent leaks?

A. During cold weather, cover outside faucets with insulation kits.

Q. How can I avoid clogs in my plumbing?

A. Dissolve soapy and greasy materials in your pipes by pouring a few gallons of boiled water down the sink about once a month.

Q. How can I avoid clogs in my plumbing?

A. Use a strainer in kitchen and bathroom sinks to prevent hair, soap and other items from going down the drain.​

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